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Foundation Repair Sherwood Park

Why Do You Need Proper Foundation and Weeping Tile Repair Services?

Your foundation is a major factor in the overall health of your home. The foundation supports your home by properly distributing the weight of your house in order to prevent settlement. Foundation damage occurs when shifting soils, expansion, contraction, and drainage problems cause your foundation to settle. Foundation settlement can cause various issues including cracks in walls, cracks in brick, and floors that slope, just to name a few.

How professionals come to help?

Many homeowners see expensive home renovations like new floors and home additions ruined because of foundation damage. Foundation problems are serious and can devastate the value of your largest investment. When it comes to restoring your home’s foundation, always get in touch with professional foundation repair services in Sherwood Park. They can also help you fix weeping tiles on the floors. These professionals offer permanent, affordable solutions with a life of structure warranty.

Problematic sources

Spot Bonding: The builders usually, to reduce the cost, adopt this method known as “Spot-Bonding” when they are laying the tiles. Spot Bonding is when they apply “spots” of adhesive on each corner of a tile and one in the center, and then presses it into place. This leaves voids under the tile, and ultimately throughout the entire installation, which can lead to big problems.  When this method has been used you’ll hear the hollow sound where there is no adhesive (the voids) and you’ll hear solid sounds where the tile is spot-bonded.

Substandard Underlayment: While laying the tiles, the concrete substrate, if not prepared perfectly, tiles may eventually debond. Also, using low quality adhesives while installing the tiles also leads to the same problem. If a concrete slab cracks and a ceramic tile is adhered to the slab, the tile will crack too. More important if such cracks/damages of tiles are seen in bathroom since it could lead to seepage issue! It is very important that you get them checked to a detailed level.

Foundation repair is a complex problem that requires specialized training, techniques, systems, and products. Foundation and tile installation failure can affect a structure in a variety of ways. Hiring a professional team will help you a lot. They can offer numerous foundation repair services in order to provide solutions no matter how unique the problem is. The methods they use are engineered and tested to perform at the highest industry standards.