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Which Is Best For Drain Cleaning Water Jets Or Cable Machines?

It is often said to use cable drain cleaners by experts but some prefer to switch to high-pressure water jets to do the same job. Are they right? Well, yes and no. Traditional cable drain cleaners do a great job cutting up tree roots and retrieving objects. But when it comes to grease clogs, cables have a difficult time. Hiring a professional drain cleaning team can help you stay away from all types of complications in the long run.

Water Jets

Water jets are ideal for clearing grease, as well as for flushing sand and melting ice. Water Jets use a stream of high-pressure water that cuts the grease off the walls of the pipe and flushes it away. The thrust of the nozzle drives the hose down the line for wall-to-wall cleaning action.

Electric sewer jets typically offer a maximum of 1,500 psi at about 2 gpm. Trying to get more pressure from an electric motor runs the risk of pulling too many amps and popping breakers. It’s better to use a gas-powered jet. You get twice the pressure and flow rate of electric jets to handle larger and longer lines. Gas jets can also clear indoor drain lines with a portable reel. This lets you use the power of gas sewer jets in buildings and confined spaces where exhaust fumes could be hazardous, while the jet motor stays safely outside.

Important notice

But beware of trying to convert your pressure washer into a water jet streamer. Water-based sewer jets use vibration to overcome the friction in the pipe and to help the hose glide around bends and go farther down the line. If you don’t have pulse action, the hose could get stuck in the pipe. It is better to hire a team that uses Vibra-pulse water jets. This is what separates these sewer jetters from ordinary pressure washers. Vibra-pulse breaks the initial tension between the surface of the hose and the walls of the pipe, thus helping the hose to slide around tight bends and propel itself farther down the line. Vibra-pulse increases the cleaning power of jets, and is particularly useful in jetting around bends in small drain lines.

The usual approach

Most likely, the status of your drains, plumbing, and pipes isn’t at the top of your mind. You’ve got too many other things to do. There are lots of things to do in our busy schedule’s life. It’s no wonder you’re not thinking about clogged drains. But, this can lead to disasters that can throw you off your busy schedule.

Just think what would happen if you’re preparing for the holidays or a birthday party and your garbage disposal, sink, tub or toilet gets clogged. These problems can lead to embarrassment if you have guests over, canceled plans or time off of work.

Why should hire a professional?

When you have a clogged drain, you might be tempted to rent a drain-cleaning machine or snake it out yourself. After all the dirty work and effort, you might only have a temporary fix.Most home remedies don’t clean your pipes completely and using drain cleaning chemicals is dangerous. Soon the hole you made clogs again.

There’s a meaning to the expert’s recommendations and thus, homeowners should look to hire the professionals to unclog the drains appropriately. Also, there are several benefits of professional drain cleaning services in Edmonton.